How to Write an Essay Prompt: Solutions for Procrastination

How to Write an Essay Fast: Solutions for Procrastination

Four. Write Topic Sentences

Once you come up with your thesis statement, list at least three points that back it up. (You may make up to ten points depending on the length requirement of your essay.) Each point should have at least one quote that supports it.

Take the points you listed and construct accomplish sentences out of them. (For example, if your thesis is “Jimmy’s father is mad at him,” and one of your supporting points is “Dad grounded Jimmy,” you will want to reword it so that it acts as a topic sentence: “One indicator that Jimmy’s father is angry with him is that he grounded Jimmy in Chapter Three.”) Once you have all of your points in accomplish sentences, type them onto your word processor and rearrange them so that they are cohesive, pushing your argument further.

Five. Rearrange

Paste your topic sentences in order with the relevant, supporting quote(s) underneath. You will begin to see the structure of your essay form on the page(s). After you have arranged all of your quotes and topic sentences, you may have formed a conclusion. If so, write the concluding paragraph now. If you are still uncertain about the conclusion, proceed to the next step and write it after that.

“How do I know what I think until I see what I say?”

6. Add Your Own Words

Now that you have the main idea and structure of your informative essay topics, you will want to commence adding original sentences to your paper. Embark with the bod of the essay. Explain and discuss your topic sentence in your own words and explain clearly how each quote supports that topic sentence. Keep explaining and expanding your thoughts until each paragraph has 3-5 sentences.

Once you have done this, it is time to write your concluding paragraph (if you haven’t done so already) and your thesis paragraph. After you finish these, you will see that you have constructed an essay.

Rising Caren Five years ago from Fresh York

That sounds similar to my technology.

Assuming it’s an essay that requires reading

1) Skim through reading, focusing largely on opening and ending sentences of each paragraph so I have a general idea of what to talk about.

Two) Determine on a topic. Think of a few points that might make a good outline.

Three) Write entire essay from introduction to conclusion using own words based on previous mental outline.

Four) Find quotes that somehow relate to what was spoken

Five) Elaborate on quotes to further analyze on current content

6) Use online citation generator for bibliography

Using this method, which is just a slightly different version of yours without editing, I can often write an A or B+ paper in only 1 or Two hours (including the skimmed reading). I once wrote a 7 page paper on a book I never read – only skimmed it as I was writing the paper – in only Two hours and got an A.

Unluckily, a lot of people who know these methods still cannot do as it requires the writer to be able to make quick connections inbetween quotes and readings. I’ve had classmates for whom I attempted to help them write an essay in this way, but they didn’t have the critical thinking abilities needed to make connections just like that and therefore could never get passed the topic sentence stage without feeling dazed.

I’ve noticed some of the best speed essay writers I’ve met are very good at logical things such as [hard] sudoku puzzles.

Brittany Kennedy Five years ago from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

I totally agree. Thanks for reading. I did find some people that were incapable to use this method because of their lack of critical thinking abilities, but hopefully they aren’t the ones procrastinating. Thank you so much for reading/visiting my page.

Cindy Murdoch Five years ago from Texas

Unluckily, I don’t think they instruct thinking abilities so much anymore. At least they don’t seem to where I live. If you are a procrastinator, you will have to learn quickly to think on your feet or abandon procrastinating. Otherwise, you will never get through in that environment. This is a superb way to write a paper. I will have to share this with some of my junior friends who are going to college.

I agree, homestead. Thanks for reading/sharing.

Chin chin Five years ago from Philippines

This is a helpful read. I like reading books but sometimes I just skim through the pages to have an overview and see if it’s interesting enough to read everything. Am bookmarking this.

Thank you, Chin Chin. I hope it comes in handy!

epigramman Five years ago

well we can all learn from one another – I attempt to learn a fresh word or concept or idea every day – the key is to have an open mind and a good attitude – and you my friend are what I would call a writer’s writer – I can see/read it via your hub subjects – I am learning from you – and it’s all very inspiring – thank you for what you do and the passion and intelligence in your words and writing lake erie time ontario canada 6:51am

just arrived home from night shift to high winds by the lake and winter on the doorstep and two well fed pussycats

Thank you, Epi. I never thought about myself as a “writer’s writer” before, but I like it. I’m glad you learned something from this chunk. Thank you again for your kind words.

Derdriu Five years ago

BrittanyTodd: What a clear, logical, practical summary of the last bell effort to submit an “A” paper in 24 hours! It is most amazing the way in which you leap right into the helpful advice and specific details. You do not waste time guilt-tripping so there is a strong chance that your readers will learn from the tips, get their “A,” and be more organized the next time. Part of procrastination can be the absence of a readily adaptable role model.

Thank you, voted up, etc.,

Thank you, Derdrie! This is certainly a hub for those that do not have time for the normal way of writing a paper. Hopefully it will help out those who have already procrastinated, but encourage them to take more time on their essay in the future. Thanks again! – Britt

Pursuing Riley Five years ago from Los Angeles

I love this and am undoubtedly passing it on to my high school son. I think we all have procrastinated but I like that you demonstrate the way out! Voted up!

Thank you, Riley! This is undoubtedly not a hub encouraging procrastination, but gives a solution for times when it’s too late.

cebutouristspot Five years ago from Cebu

My dad always said am a Procrastinator. This is a excellent peak that can be work out to be a guide in life in general. Thanks for sharing

Barry Rutherford Five years ago from Queensland Australia

fine useful information. i also find listening to classical music puts me into the right mindset zone to write.

christianajohan Five years ago

Hey there! This is a good hub about writing. But you missed to include planning. So how do you plan your writing?

I have a brief hub about this on how to plan your writing.

stars439 Five years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

Wonderful hub dear heart, and I must become your fan. Thank you for the continuing education in the wonderful joy of writing. God Bless you.

Thank you so much, starlets!

I am a terrible procrastinator and this was very very helpful for me. The movie link at the end has some good ideas, hopefully I can put them to use next time and avoid the last minute rush!

Clare, I am so glad this article was helpful to you! Just make sure to do a little a day and the task won’t seem so daunting. Good luck and thanks again for the compliment!

Kader Trio years ago from Algeria

it s very helpful I love it

Raine Law Yuen 21 months ago from Cape Town

Thanks for this very informative article. I have read a number of your posts.

Judging from the feedback, I gather you wrote this some time ago. Goes to display that a well written informative article does stay forever green.

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